Diesel Generator MTU 1600 DS


60 HZ: 210 – 600 KWE

The MTU 1600 DS offers a verified product design and prototype process that delivers quality, performance and product integrity. The generator features a rail fuel injection system for increased energy efficiency and meets ISO 8528 standards. It has a wide scope of power supply that’s available for immediate use after delivery. This unit offers owners long maintenance intervals, extending the time that is needed between regular services. Sawary Energy sells accessories and offers services to this generator. This leading model provides reliability and high availability. Contact us for sales, installations, maintenance and repairs on the MTU 1600 DS


For more information visit http://mtuonsitenergy.com/
  • Verified product design, quality and performance integrity
  • Cutting-edge emissions control
  • Outstanding fuel economy: Best in class fuel economy due to highly efficient common rail fuel injection system
  • Compliant with industry codes & standards: The generator set fulfills performance per ISO 8528 and offers 100% load acceptance according to NFPA 110
  • Best-in-class reliability and availability
  • Optimized maintenance intervals
  • Wide standard scope of supply for immediate use after deliver

    For more information visit http://mtuonsitenergy.com/

60 Hz
  • Product
    Standby Applications
    Prime Applications
  • MTU 10V1600 DS450
    450 kWe
    400 kWe
  • MTU 10V1600 DS500
    500 kWe
    450 kWe
  • MTU 12V1600 DS550
    550 kWe
    500 kWe
  • MTU 12V1600 DS600
    600 kWe
    550 kWe
  • Industry leading load factor

    85% load factor for standby applications and 75% load factor for prime power applications.
  • ISO Designed and manufactured

    Our facilities are certified to standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.
  • Advanced monitoring & communications

    Wide range of applications available from island operation to mains parallel operation.

Options for MTU 1600 DS

  • Emissions

    Fuel consumption optimized; Exhaust emission optimized acc. TA-Luft; NEA Singapore for ORDE; Exhaust emission EU 97/68 EC Stage III A; EPA Tier 2; EPA Tier 3.
  • Generator

    Multiple generator models and voltages available; oversized generators; anti-condensation heaters; winding temperature sensors; bearing temperature sensors; differential protection current transformers; digital voltage regulator.
  • Cooling System

    Integral set-mounted mechanical radiators for up to 40°C and 50°C ambient temperatures; coolant preheating.

    For more information visit http://mtuonsitenergy.com/

  • Control Panel

    Fuel pre-filters with water separators.

  • Exhaust system

    Silencers from varying sound attenuation levels.